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Pyay Catholic Dioces
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Brief History

The history of the Diocese of PYAY (Prome) dates back to the early times when the Portuguese introduced Christianity to the Rakhine (Arakan) State in 16 century. Dominicans and Jesuits were the first pioneers who worked hard in these areas. There were also the Augustinian Fathers and the Theatine Fathers who spent much of their zeal and energy but without much success. From 1785 to 1852 no missionary work was possible and very little hope was left. In 1850 Rakhine (Arakan) was restored to Myanmar (Burma) Ecclesiastically under Bishop Balma, the Vicar Apostolic of Ava and Bago (Pegu). In 1870, Rakhine (Arakan) came again under Indian territory as part of the diocese of Dacca. The Holy Cross Fathers worked in Rakhine (Arakan) from 1870 to 1875. In 1918, with the end of the World War I the Holy Cross Fathers resumed the Rakhine (Arakan) apostolate. Sandoway (Thandwe) was opened about 1922 and Gyeitkaw in 1928. In 1927 Chittagon became a separate Diocese from Dacca. Ten years later in 1937, the mission was handed over to the Missionaries of Our Lady of La Salette from the United States.

In 1940 the Prrfecture Apostolic of Akyab (Sittwe) was erected with Fr.Thomas Newman appointed as its first Perfect Apostolic. Later on with the approval of Rome the La Salette Missionaries took charge of the Prome (Pyay) Thayet areas and in 1958 Prome (Pyay) ecame the center and the name also was changed into the Prefecture Apostolic of Prome (Pyay). In 1961, Prome (Pyay) became a Diocese and Msgr. Thomas Newman became its first Bishop. He was consecrated by Pope John XXIII ub Rine ib tge 21st of May 1961.The La Salette Fathers withdrew from the Mission in 1976 and the administration of the Diocese was handed over to the diocesan Clergy with Bishop Joseph Thaung Shwe as the head of the Diocese. In 1985, Fr. Gregory Taik Maung was consecrated as Bishop and became the Administrator of the Diocese. On July 16, 2010, Archbishop Charles Bo, bishop of Yangon Archdiocese contunued to lead Pyay diocese as the Apostolic Administrator until the diocese has a new bishop. Bishop Alexander Pyone Cho was chosen from the clergy of Pyay diocese as bishop of Pyay, and was consecrated at Pyay on Feb. 27, 2011.


Apostles of the Diocese of Pyay uniting, collaborating, and sharing in the likeness of the Triune God, Our love with all creation Leading towards integraldevelopment.


Putting our trust and confidence in the most Holy trinity, We, the baptized apostles of the Diocese of Pyay, uniting, and sharing in the likeness of Triune God, our love with all creation, pledge to commit ourselves to:
- develop spiritually mature lay, religious and clergy, sharing our love and zeal in the trinitarian spirituality with the people;
- provide opportunity to everybody without discrimination, attain integral education endowed with good morality and social responsibility:
- provide the means for security in basic needs thereby enhancing capacity to help others and promote people;
- enhance capacities of people through formation of communities for worship, witness and service;
- safeguard our natural resources and to conserve the environment for he present and future generation.

pastoral trusts

Building Cooperation, Education and Formation, Health, and Economy.

General Statistics

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